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Discord Server Got Banned!

For the past five years, I have relied on Discord as a platform to talk, interact, share knowledge and learn a ton of new things. However, my recent ban from this platform has unveiled a disheartening reality ? the deteriorating state of moderation and the suppression of free speech.

Discord, once hailed as a beacon of digital freedom, has gradually succumbed to a culture of overzealous moderation. We find ourselves at a crossroads where the very principles that made this platform a haven for diverse opinions are now being undermined. The role of moderators, whose intended purpose was to maintain order and uphold community guidelines, has been warped and distorted into a tool for silencing dissent and banning users for no good reason.

Let us remember that free speech is not a luxury, but a necessity for the progress and well-being of any society.

I welcome all of you to stick around in the LuaObfuscator.com/forum as we seek new ways to enhance the platform and build a better, uncensored, community!

Cheers, JustinB

Guest Replied
#179 10:46 20/05/2023

Bro this sucks ngl

Guest Replied
#180 09:39 21/05/2023

That is sad. Are you gonna make new one?

Ferib Replied
#181 18:13 21/05/2023

Not sure if we do a new Discord, maybe Telegram? currently looking into what our options are.

Meanwhile trying to make this a nicer place

Guest Replied
#182 12:05 22/05/2023

make a new one plspsllslslslspslsspzl

Ferib Replied
#183 16:08 22/05/2023

Not yet, but feel free to join t.me/LuaObfu***** for the time being!

Guest Replied
#184 14:27 23/05/2023

Well got banned to for the same reason you got... Do you have a new discord account? (im mopsfl)

Justinb#7819 Replied
#187 18:45 23/05/2023

Cool, who needs Discord anyways ;)

Bob2y#4147 Replied
#188 18:49 23/05/2023

This is pretty cool yeah!!

kdssoftware#3000 Replied
#189 20:49 23/05/2023

Let's hype this forum up ! ??

mopsfl#4512 Replied
#190 07:32 24/05/2023

uii oauth, vers cool

Developer P?llo#3207 Replied
#191 14:18 24/05/2023

Very nice, I?ll join the telegram.

Justinb#7819 Replied
#192 17:30 24/05/2023

Congratz on being the first and last Telegram member, DeveloperPollo. I will abandon the Telegram group shortly after fixing up this web app

Justinb#7819 Replied
#197 20:21 24/05/2023

removed allowlist on replies & added small timeout between posts. Hope that will help

Justinb#7819 Replied
#198 19:31 25/05/2023

Emojis should now be a thing ??????

mopsfl#4512 Replied
#200 22:49 29/05/2023


Justinb#7819 Replied
#201 22:56 29/05/2023

Nope, i cucked the emojis xd

to join shitposting this thread <3
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