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How to use correctly?

Code obfuscation is used to make code very difficult to understand. This backfires when you apply ALL code obfuscation features at once after you find out the behavior of the code does not match the expected behaviour.

To properly apply obfuscation we recommand to take 1 obfuscation feature at a time. This means that after each applied feature you would perform some testing on your code to make sure it functions as expected before you move on to the next feature.

At the time of writing (Alpha v1.0.5b), our [minify], [Junk-If] and [Reverse-if] may cause these kind of issues.

Also please no that any kind of virtualization ([Demo VM] and the [>OBFUSCATE!<]) have their own scope for variable definitions, meaning that global variables / functions might not be in reach!

Guest Replied
#58 17:46 17/10/2022

Hello, how can I use this exactly?

Guest Replied
#59 17:50 17/10/2022


Guest Replied
#66 18:34 17/10/2022

Does anyone know how this works?

Guest Replied
#72 15:15 21/10/2022

i know how this work so baisicly what you have to do is to make your script into a lua file or txt<(i dont know if txt files work) then you will hit the button

OBFUSCATE < it will obfuscate it but not make remotes invisible this is baisicly

Guest Replied
#79 17:07 26/10/2022

It just throws constant errors...

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