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Alpha Release Notes v0.1.5b

Alpha 0.1.5b

New features have been added to the latest version!


  • Community read-only
  • Add bandwith locking on playground
  • Improved server-side front-end generation
  • Add Undo button under 'Miscellaneous' to undo the last obfuscation
  • Add UndoAll button under 'Miscellaneous' to undo all obfuscation changes


  • Bugfix CFFv1 (invalid assignments + break issue)
  • Bugfix Minify
  • Fixed floating numbers on Virtualization
  • Fixed method calls (foo:bar())

We will no longer be supporting the 'live IDE' feature as it uploads/downloads the script after each small modification, causing big bandwidth overhead. Soon enough the 'file container' will be obfuscated and read-only to save on bandwidth usage.

Additionally, we have two other mechanisms in place to reduce bandwidth usage and potential DoS attacks. First of all, we limit the impact of raw Lua script size one can upload within a given timeframe, the current limit is 42kB/min and 0.3GB/hour. Second, we will limit the amount of 'file containers' you can create within 1 hour and 24 hours.

For those who run into such limitations quite often, we are working to differentiate unknown users and trusted users, giving trusted users more bandwidth.

NOTE: Virtualization is only working compatible with Lua 5.1!

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