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Random Lua Obfuscation FaQ

How can I get premium access?

We don't have premium, we do not plan on making things premium, we will not support things and we will definitely not sell things. On the bright side, we do provide a free REST API on top of the free website.

How secure is this Lua Obfuscator?

It is hard to evaluate the security of any obfuscator and we cannot exactly tell you how much your scripts will benefit. What we can tell is that this Lua Obfuscator is obscuring scripts in its own unique way which will make it stand out against attackers.

Will it secure my Pet Sim stealer script?

Please stop scamming kids from their lego game pets >:(

How can I use this service?

We have a website at LuaObfuscator.com, a Discord bot, a VSCode plugin, and a REST API. More info on the REST API can be found in the Discord channel.

Why does my script break?

Sometimes a script breaks for various reasons, and it will be very hard to tell. We suggest you try to run your script after using one single feature to verify things are still working as expected. If you noticed thing stopped working, you might share this info in our Discord channel or find alternative obfuscation features.

How do I get the best protection?

This is tricky as we don't know exactly what you want to protect. If you have sensitive strings or passwords in your script, you should simply not put them in there in the first place. If you have logging strings that aren't secrets but you prefer hidden, you might be interested in 'string encryption'. Keep in mind those strings can still be dumped/recovered at runtime. To get the best overall security you might consider virtualization (Demo VM) to obscure every single instruction of your script.

Can my script get deobfuscator? how can I deobfuscate a script?

Someone might be able to undo the obfuscation applied to a given script, but this will require a lot of time and a certain skill level. This is a fundamental requirement as the code semantics must remain present for the script to do whatever it was made to do.

I lost the source of my script, how do I deobfuscate it?

No, you do not.

Is this better than Moonsec or Luraph?

It is hard to judge the security of a script, and even harder to compare multiple algorithms against each other. Just keep in mind that it is all about security through obscurity, so having multiple obfuscation tools/algorithms increases the time and effort needed for attackers. Which results in a decrease in attacking tools, often known as deobfuscation tools.

rbxlx#0 Replied
#217 18:15 11/01/2024

i use it alot to put a backdoor on area omega thanke you::!!!!!,,!! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Justinb#7819 Replied
#218 13:58 31/01/2024

> put a backdoor on area omega

And this, kids, is why you shouldn't run rand obfuscated Lua scripts :3

joseislas7#0 Replied
#219 07:41 02/02/2024

Thank you for this great work! I am glad that everything has returned to normal. Greetings from Mexico! :D

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