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New feature: Script CDN

Over the last week or so we have implemented the new Scripts CDN feature. A basic content delivery network for hosting your Lua scripts. You can find the new feature here.


scripts overview

Uploading a script will automatically obfuscate it with the 'Chaotic Evil' config, no need to obfuscate it yourself. To make sure your script works with 'Chaotic Evil' it is recommended to test it by hand first.

Please note that you can 'update' an existing script, so no need to delete and create a new one.


scripts overview

When the script is created, you can create keys with a given duration in days. There is a small icon indicating if a key is activated, in use, or waiting to be activated. Any key will become in use the second it is used and the license countdown will be shown.

To share your script, copy-paste the small snippet on the bottom or go back to the script's overview and click 'download'


A very basic CDN with whitelisting as my friend asked for this, feedback is appreciated.

Justinb#7819 Replied
#202 15:02 03/06/2023

Please note that the amount of scripts per user is limited to 10 and each script has a max of 300-ish keys!

Oh and obviously, you need to be logged in to use the feature ;)

mopsfl#4767 Replied
#203 15:09 03/06/2023


lolegic#0 Replied
#208 20:36 24/06/2023

nioce (content length)

dalaisonthebone#0 Replied
#209 23:42 09/07/2023

yo this is sick

Justinb#7819 Replied
#212 21:00 12/07/2023

testing some random emojis peeposit-bunny peeposit-nerd peeposit-maid xddd

Justinb#7819 Replied
#213 21:14 12/07/2023

Imagine not having a list of emoji tags pepeloser

For now, just :emoji-tag: to select a certain emoji pepeW


mopsfl#4767 Replied
#214 21:34 12/07/2023


aurel2018#0 Replied
#215 09:47 08/08/2023

it break my fivem script :/

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