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Say hello to the community!


Today is the launch of the LuaObfuscator.com community! The aim of our micro forum (or whatever we call this) is to provide you, the community, with interesting content related to a broad range of Lua-related obfuscation.

Our interest started with obfuscating scripts for popular games like Roblox, FiveM and World of Warcraft, however we developed a deeper interest in all Lua related things. Project ranging from custom Lua compilers, custom Lua virtual machienes, Lua devirtualization, patching, debugging, etc..

Basically we love Lua, and we love to share our work with people that also have this deep interest in Lua. Stick around to see what this community turns in to and hopefully you will enjoy the ride!

Quick tour

To get you started let me guide you around on the little DIY hobby platform we have developed so far. The main page is obviously the Lua Obfuscation IDE-like playground that you most likely have seen already, but if not, go check it out at.

Next stop is the Community tab, the place where you get a nice overview of all the posts that have been created. So far this post is our one and only post at the time of writing. We do plan to expand the micro forum a bit more so users can register, comment, create their own topics and engage in the community!

Stick around and enjoy the ride!

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